Concept of the exhibition of the HELLE ZELLE ambulant in the empty mall at the Dreiecksplatz in Kiel mid of July 2001
Patron: Muthesius Academy for Art and Design in Kiel

"Consuming is the short way to happiness." Mercedés Brenningmeyer
"The language of global democracy is the consum. The power lays in theconsumers hand." Georg W. Jagoda

Kiel as well as many other german cities have big malls in their
outskirts so that the centers are confronted with a new tendency of less
visitors, nonprofitable shops and closedowns. We have the same situation at the Dreiecksplatz. Shops that had their business there for centuries have to close down,
new business is seldom and often trashy cheep-style.
This causes more than an economical problem, it mirrors the consumption and expectation habit of the average society.
Malls have to be concepted as adventure parks to guarntee successful business.
The Konsumenta tries to focus the consumption habit with artistic methods.
Society and structure are the main aspects. The exhibition means to grow and change. Assembled performances, film and other activities shall guarantee daily changes.


Many artist of different sources have checked in. If you are interested and work on this theme, do mail us, or phone 0049-431-259968.

While the traditional Exhibition of the Muthesius Academy for Art and Design in Kiel (july 25. til july 28.), called "Einblick- Ausblick", we will have daily referats.